Rentaloc can offer you following products:

UCA trac B version Basic & Full Option

B -Track 16 version till B -Track 24

Rail Kits for multipurpose traction vehicles (design, maintenance, adjustments and advice)

Unimog and other brands: 4×4 traction vehicle for modification with rail kits.

APPROVAL / COMPLIANCE: The standard signaling on each vehicle conforms to the general law of traffic on the road and on the private network. It meets the most stringent European standards in terms of safety, reliability and environmental legislation.
The traction vehicles can be adapted for use on the public railway network. If necessary , Many of our loco tractors already have this permission as : Infrabel ( Belgium ) , EBA ( Germany ) , ProRail ( Netherlands ) . Adaptations of our vehicles to the inspection of other countries may also be performed.